Taize Service Wednesday 4/20

The Newman UMass peer ministers have designed a beautiful Lenten-season Taize Service this Wednesday from 8-9 pm in the Chapel. And, bonus: The Amherst Newman Club has accepted an invitation from the Newman Student Association at UMass to come. Won’t you join us there and then?
Would you like to join in the choir, seated Taize-style amidst those gathered? Come to the Newman Center UMass early, around 7:30 pm, to join our accompanist and familiarize yourself with the music. Choir members don’t need to know how to sing parts, just have the desire to pray with song.
In a Taize service, music, scripture, vocal prayer are companioned by periods of silence. This Wednesday’s service: chants, songs and sung responses: Adoremus te Christe, Stay With Me, Domine Deus, The Spirit is Willing, Kyrie Eleison, Jesus, Remember Me. Prayers: “Lenten Prayer” based on Mark 14:32-36, Psalm 129-130, Prayers of Intercession, Closing Prayer  based on 1Peter 5:6-10) Scripture reading: Luke 23: 33-43.
Taize services are rooted in faith in Jesus Christ, deeply spiritual events. And, as they are ecumenical they are wonderful signs of unity during Holy Week. All are welcome. Want to learn more about Taize music and prayer?  http://www.taize.fr/en_rubrique12.html