Guest Speaker this Wednesday

Have you ever wondered where God is?
Why doesn’t He answer our prayers?
Have you ever wondered why He lets bad things happen to us, or at all?
Does it ever seem that God is sometimes against you?
Do you find yourself ever wondering if there is more to life?
Ever find yourself wishing you could be truly happy and fulfilled, not just on the outside but on the inside?

Bryan is a thirty-five year old national speaker and retreat leader. He has spoken to adults and teens for the last ten years on a wide variety of topics; ranging from catechetics and faith formation, to morality, spirituality, and apologetics. Come listen to Bryan’s inspiring story of how he went from dressing in all black to becoming a national speaker on the Catholic Faith and how God changed his life forever.

WHO: Bryan Mercier, Catholic Speaker
WHEN: October 24, 2012
WHERE: Burke Lounge, Newman Catholic Center
TIME: 7pm

We hope to see you there!