Newman Council

The purpose of the Newman Council is to assist the Director in his leadership role of governance, planning, coordinating and reviewing the physical plant, evangelization, worship, religious education, and service activities of the Center.
The objectives are to adequately assess the needs of the Center and develop, implement, and evaluate a plan which will promote the common good of the Center.

The membership of the Newman Council shall consist of:
1. Ex-officio members: all members of the Newman Staff and one representative of the Finance Council
2. Appointed members: 7 students (including one or two graduate students) and 7 permanent community members.

Newman Council
Massaboy Camara (2 yr. term, ends 9/2016)
Christina Crook (1 yr. term, ends 9/2015)
John Gerber (1 yr. term, ends 9/2015)
Megan Johnson (3 yr. term, ends 9/2017)
Joanne Lau (graduate student)
Michael Nicholson, Vice-Chair (undergraduate student)
Frank Martinez Nocito, Chair (3 yr. term, ends 9/2017)
Michael Sean Riel (graduate student)
Devon Smolak (undergraduate student)
Laura Suttenfield (undergraduate student)
Braedy Taugher (undergraduate student)
Eileen Verner (2 yr. term, ends 9/2016)
Lily Wallace, Secretary (undergraduate student)
Ann Zimmerman (3 yr. term ends 9/2017)

Newman Council Minutes
October 8, 2014