You are welcome to park in our lot while you are at Newman; however, parking is limited. There are few spots.  And on a campus where parking is at a premium during the school day, we jealously guard ours. So, feel free to use our slots while your visiting Newman, but, be warned, we tow folks who sneak into our lot and then traipse off to somewhere else.

Please do not double park (and that means during Sunday Mass too). We have had several unfortunate experiences when ambulances could not get in or out of the lot because of illegally parked cars. As a result, the Amherst Fire department checks on us regularly and they (rightfully) get very upset when they find double parked cars and let us know how very upset they are.

UMass Parking Lots

From 5pm—8am weekdays and on weekends, you may park in any non-24-hour restricted lot without a permit, or park in a metered space at no charge. Go to the UMass Parking Office web site for official information.

The closest non-24-hour restricted lots to the Newman Catholic Center are:

  • Lot 34: located across Massachusetts Ave. from Newman.
  • Lot 62: located across North Pleasant St. from Newman.

The closest metered parking to the Newman Catholic Center are:

  • Haigis Mall:  located off Mass. Ave. on the opposite side of Isenberg School of Management from Newman.
  • Visitors Center:  located off Mass Ave. opposite side of the street from the Haigis Mall.

All these parking areas are within a five minute walk of the Newman Center.