The core of any successful enterprise is the people. Here at Newman, the team is a truly amazing group that makes the Newman experience what it is. They are dedicated, compassionate, intelligent and truly care for the students of the University.

Fr. Gary Dailey – Chaplain / Director 413-549-0300×32
Fr. Jon Reardon – Chaplain/Associate Director for Student Life 413-549-0300×12

Fr. Michael Twohig – Chaplain/Associate Director for Education 413-549-0300×22

Deacon Richard Talbot – Associate Director for Administration 413-549-0300×39
Deacon Lucien Miller – Spiritual Director 413-549-0300×14


David Rondina – Property Manager 413-549-0300×27
Virginia Webb – Development Director 413-549-0300×13
Benjiman Durfee – Administrative Assistant and Music Coordinator  413-549-0300×36
Jason Wonsey – Newman Café Operations Manager 413-549-0401