Thank you for your interest in getting married at the Newman Catholic Center! The following information will be helpful in planning your wedding here.

  • Please contact us before booking your reception hall. A marriage date cannot be set until you have met with a priest or deacon and your freedom to marry has been established.
  • Please contact the Newman Catholic Center as soon as you become engaged. Diocesan policy asks that you contact the church one year before the intended wedding day.

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Bride and Groom Responsibilities


  • A copy of the Baptismal Certificate of the Bride and Groom. This certificate must be issued within six months of the wedding.
  • For Catholic parties, copies of First Communion and Confirmation certificates are also required.
  • For non-Baptized, a Birth Certificate is required.

Marriage Preparation Program (Pre-Cana Program):

Every couple married at the Newman Catholic Center is required by the Diocese to participate in a Marriage Enrichment Program. This couple is responsible for making all necessary arrangements. Check our Pre-Cana page for info about programs offered at the Center, online registration, and links to the Diocesan Marriage Preparation page.

Sessions with Priest or Deacon:

You will meet with the priest or deacon throughout the year. These meetings will determine if both members of the couple are free to marry, discuss your own views of marriage and family life and plan your wedding liturgy.

Wedding Liturgy:

The booklet “Together for Life” is given to each couple to assist you in planning your celebration.

Priest or Deacon:

Either a priest or deacon may officiate at your wedding. A wedding where a deacon presides consists of the Liturgy of the Word and Exchange of Consent. A wedding with a priest may also include the Liturgy of the Eucharist (Mass).

Contact one of our priests or deacons at (413) 549-0300 to begin discussing the process.


The music for your wedding is very important. All music arrangements are the responsibility of the couple. The Newman Catholic Center has a music director, Benjiman Durfee, available to help you. Ben may be contacted at 413-549-0300 ex. 36 or by email at They will assist you with the proper musical selections for your wedding. Please note: The fee for the organist/pianist and other singers or musicians should be given to the priest or deacon at the rehearsal.

Church Offerings:

These fees should be placed in individual envelopes and given to the priest or deacon at the rehearsal. The suggested offerings are as follows:

  • Offering to the Newman Center – $300
  • Offering to the Priest or Deacon – personal
  • Altar Servers (optional) – $20/server
  • Musicians – $125 per musician/soloist

State Requirements:

A Marriage License is required by state law. The license should be obtained within two months before the wedding. You can apply for your license at any town or city hall in Massachusetts. You must bring the marriage license to the rehearsal.

Church Attendance:

Couples being married at the Newman Catholic Center are encouraged to attend Mass each week. As you prepare to enter into the Sacrament of Matrimony, it is important that you are living your faith and deepening your prayer lives together.