Project #1 Stained Glass Windows

Project #1 – excerpts from Stained Glass Resources, Inc.Restoration of Nine Severely Deteriorated Stained Glass Sections & Installation of New Plate Glass Protective Glazing
This option is for restoring only those stained glass sections that are suffering from extreme deterioration or glass breakage. This includes all of the bottom ventilator sections and two sections located above the ventilator in Windows #2 and #6. (See the enclosed drawing for window locations and numbering.) We would also remove the old, cloudy Lexan protective glazing from the exterior and replace it with new clear plate glass protective glazing. Plate glass is quite durable, less expensive and will retain its. clarity far longer than a plastic product.There is also a line item for pipe scaffolding provided by a professional pipe scaffolding company to access the exterior of the windows. This work could be performed without an extended rental period for scaffolding.
From the time the windows are removed to the time they are reinstalled they will be covered by our two million dollar Bailees Insurance Policy, for the property of others in our care and custody. We also carry full liability, property damage, completed operations and workmen’s compensation insurance. Our lead abatement program for the protection of the employees and clients, on site and in the studio, involves protective safety wear, uniforms, extensive clean-up, air filtration equipment, air monitoring, and blood lead
level testing of employees. We are extremely vigilant in making sure that the program is functioning properly to safeguard both the health and property of the client and workers.
I would also like to highlight our full, written 20-year warranty on all stained glass restoration materials and workmanship. We feel this is only reasonable when providing a service to restore a product that should last for another 90 to 100 years if the work is If you choose us for the work, you can be sure that you will have the most skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and equipment, and all site and studio work is
performed by stained glass professionals employed by Stained Glass Resources, Inc. The windows are transported to our studio in a 24’ box truck, with special soft-ride suspension and specially designed loading compartments for the safety of the windows.
Once in our studio the windows are in a fully insured and safe environment protected by a state-of-the-art security system. Your windows will be restored with the utmost care and dedication by our craftsmen and women. Our specialties include a fully staffed art department capable of painting and staining glass to exactly match any broken or clarity far longer than a plastic product.

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