Project #2 Installation of Monitor and TV Screen

In this ever evolving digital age we are becoming more and more reliant and astonished by the possibilities and opportunities given to us through the use of multimedia and its functions.
In order to communicate effectively and efficiently to our permanent community members, students and guests a 5.500 Lumen, projector with a standard lens and a 87” by 139” Matte White screen monitor will be installed as a part of this Campaign. This package will be placed on the wall in the music ministry corner of the Chapel so that full view access is achieved.
The purpose of this installed package is multi-functional…
• aide in worship services which would include snippets to support the homily
• display hymnal music selections during week day and weekend Masses
• provide information regarding Newman and its programs and services
• announce the readings for the day
• display altar announcements
• show presentations to our invited public
• show a variety of communications pieces
• keep our community informed and updated on Newman events, etc.

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